PT. Transamudra Usaha Sejahtera (TRUST) commenced its business operations in 2002.

Starting from just a small tanker operator company in INDONESIA in the early years, we continued to develop the business and become owners of several tankers, with a capacity of more than 30 thousand metric tons. Transamudra was providing transportation services for liquid cargo, such as CPO, Olein, Stearin, liquid chemicals, and other petroleum products in the South and Southeast Asia regions.

In 2010, Transamudra diversified its business portfolio by becoming a provider and operator of offshore support vessels for oil and gas companies, and progressively gained a wealth of work experiences.

At present, Transamudra already has a reputation and is known as one of the major players capable in providing various types of vessels for the offshore oil and gas companies operating in various regions in Indonesia.



Our Vision

To become a company with a global reputation as a provider of Marine Services, Sea Freight and Offshore Business through sustainable business growth, continuous improvement, and building strategic business cooperation.


Our Mission

To manage company potentials and resources synergistically to achieve optimal results.
To strive for continuous improvement of company resources and service to consumers.
To manage business professionally in commercial and environmentally sound principles.





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